social innovation centre by Yarl IT Hub

Our Story

In order to achieve the strategic goal of  Yarl IT Hub being a catalyst in the process of forming 100 start ups and SMEs by 2022, one among the action plans was to create a social innovation center. In September 2018, this took shape and it was named as Thulir (துளிர்).

Thulir started with three full time researchers, who has been given the mandate of creating reports, business models and pieces of technology which can be transferred to the community. In turn the community could make use of these to create economic opportunities and employment at grass root level.
Series on Exploring Opportunities for Innovation in Jaffna

Proposal to Drive Opportunities in Tamil Language Technology

As its first initiative Thulir team has started work on a series where they spot and share possible ‘low hanging fruits’ to create economic opportunities via innovation in Jaffna. The first report in this series explores the potential around Tamil Language Technology for SME development which was released in December and open to everyone.