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School Level Technology for student to create innovative tech-based solutions to real world problems.

Prospectus - English Version

Click here to download the prospectus in English

Prospectus- Tamil Version

Click here to download the prospectus in Tamil

Season 8

Registrations Open

The students either individually or by forming a team of (a maximum of) three members could select any one of the following categories to develop an idea. (We encourage students to compete as teams)

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Application closing Date

9th June, 2019

Submit the applications by filling the form given and email to or post it to the address given below:

Yarl Geek Challenge Junior – Season 8
No 124, Raasavinthoddam Rd,
Nallur, Jaffna.

Alternatively you may also send applications to Assistant Director of Education (ADE) of ICT Department of Education, Northern Province through your school

Initial round evaluation

15th and 16th June, 2019

The initial round of evaluation will be held at your region in mid June. Students will have to demonstrate their developed apps. At the end of the evaluations selected teams/individuals will be qualified for the Hackathon

29th and 30th June, 2019

During the two days Hackathon on 29th and 30th June of June, students will have to work with their mentors who are experts from industry and refine the product they have already developed
Final Evaluation

30th June, 2019

The team will have to present their developed product for an eminent team of judges On the 30th of June as the last session evaluations will take place and the winners will be announced

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Web Application Development


Mobile Application Development


Hardware Application Development


Innovative Product Development


Should you require any clarifications pertaining to the competition’s format or procedure, feel free to contact one of the following Yarl IT Hub members.


S. Mayooran