Yarl IT Hub’s plan to increase impact by 1000x

Yarl IT Hub is a not for profit social enterprise that has been in operation for the last 6 years and striving towards fostering technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in Jaffna.

After a lot of brainstormings, crowdsourcing and feedback gathering we have set up clear goals to be achieved in the next 5 years.

We have defined goals by prioritizing the need to enable Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship in the community.

Five point Action Plan to Achieve the Goals

As per our analysis and the experience we have gained by executing different initiatives, we believe we have a very good chance of achieving the defined goals by executing a defined action plan.

Five point Action Plan to Achieve the Goals

Item Target Progress as at 6th of April 2019
Digital secondary education initiative
10,000 students to learn
www.aki.coach launched with O/L maths, science and programming with Node JS
Scale Uki the coding school
1000 students to find jobs after completing Uki
Two centres are in operation in Jaffna and Kilinochchi. With the new Kilinochchi centre opened in March 2019 annual capacity extended to 75 students.
Establish Social Innovation center
Be a catalyst for social innovation and start ups
Thulir launched with full time researchers. One report published, 3 researches done and one ideation workshop conducted.
Active Diaspora Networking
Roadshows in California, London, Australia and Toronto to highlight emerging talent from community
Two small awareness sessions conducted in 2019 in New Jersey and California. First roadshow organized by ITEE foundation to be held in California, USA on the 11th of May 2019.

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