About Us

While the world is taking part in IT revolution, Jaffna, due to war circumstances, couldn’t contribute what it could to this specific field. Although migrated citizens of North have contributed to IT from elsewhere, the region doesn’t have its own identity in the global IT market.

YIT is a society who lives to with a dream of making Jaffna the next Sillicon Valley.

It is now time for the Jaffna folks to connect and experience the world’s change and to get involved with that change and contribute. It is a chance for them to use whatever they have read and seen about technology in the outer world.

There is always a fresh passion and a desire for learning found in Jaffna and we believe that these are the elements that are needed to make Jaffna a powerhouse for IT. In addition, there are people abroad with the roots from Jaffna already connected with the change, and they have enough of experience and knowledge which they could share with Jaffna. We believe that everyone scattered around globally will hold hands with us, as most of them have, to make this dream come true. It is our request to those experts out there to support us in this journey.

About Us

The Yarl Geek Challenge is a premier technology competition open to all youth. The intent of the competition is to nurture IT skills, innovation and creativity, fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship among the entrants.

The best and the brightest young minds will be invited to join hands to utilize technology, taking on some of the world’s toughest problems. While competing with their peers, participants will have the opportunity to work alongside industrial practitioners, gain valuable industrial experience, make new friends, expose their abilities to the global IT industry and transform their ideas into reality.

Our Values

Sustain and develop IT Talents

It is important to identify and provide a better environment for those who seek out to develop their skills in the IT sector. Yarl IT Hub provides several platforms through with one could nourish his or her skills in IT.

Empower the community with IT

Knowledge is a gift. While it is important to acquire knowledge, it is equally important to share the knowledge one has with the community. The best we could do is to share what we know with the community through the technology.


We live in the world where innovations, minor or major, happen regularly. While we take innovative steps in the development of the community, we also guide and encourage them to choose the path less chosen to innovate.

Not for profit

Our intention is not profit, and any income gained will be used for the community’s self-preservation, events, and projects. The surplus we get will be re-invested on the initiatives of the community.


We will provide information to the members of the community and the contributors about our activities. Contributors will be informed with the utilization made with the benefactions given while they will be given credits for their contribution.

Technology and corporate independent

Although members of Yarl IT Hub have attachment with technologies and corporates, we have to stand together as an independent body, with no association to the technologies and corporates we are routinely with. Decisions made shall be independent and neutral.