YGC Innovation Festival Coding Challenge

What Is <CODESTROM 2.0/>

CodeStorm is an exhilarating coding challenge that will push your skills to the limit and ignite your passion for problem-solving as a part of the Yarl IT Hub Innovation Festival 2024.

It will be an exciting journey filled with brain teasers, creative solutions, and the chance to claim the title of coding champion

<CODESTROM 2.0/> Format

Preliminary Round - 20th July 2024

The Premilinary round will be held online as four hour coding challenge. The Competition link will be shared via email and whatsapp groups.

Final Round

Top scorers will be invited for the final round happenning on 3rd August 2024 as a part of YGC Innovation Festival.


30,000 LKR

50,000 LKR

20,000 LKR