Summer Internship Program

For Diaspora Youths at Yarl IT Hub


Yarl IT Hub, a non-profit community-based organization in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka, is excited to announce a Summer Internship Program specifically designed for diaspora youths. Our program offers an intensive experience to engage with community-based initiatives supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology at the community level. This unique opportunity aims to connect youths with their cultural roots while providing practical, professional experience in a dynamic environment.

Program Aim

The primary aim of this internship is to provide diaspora youths with an immersive experience that combines community engagement, professional development, and cultural exploration. Interns will gain hands-on experience in various community initiatives, fostering entrepreneurship and technological innovation.

Eligibility: The program is open to any diaspora youths , aged 15-22, who are interested in engaging with and learning from community-based initiatives in Northern Sri Lanka.  If the selected candidates are under 18, they need to submit a consent letter from their parent/guardian.

Why to participate in YIT Summer internship program

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Community Engagement

Interns will spend time in local communities, participating in engagement programs through Yarl IT Hub and understanding grassroots-level challenges and solutions.


Diverse Learning Opportunities:

 Exposure to working with people from different backgrounds and skill levels.


Practical Experience

Real-world experience in the industrial sector, offering insights into how community-based tech and entrepreneurial initiatives operate.


Cultural Connection

Opportunities to engage with their cultural heritage and embark on a journey of self-discovery in their ancestral land.


Educational Growth

Learning about the entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology ecosystem in a real-world context.


Professional Exposure

Early exposure to professional working environments during school years.


Networking and Collaboration

Opportunities to engage with peers, fostering collaboration and deeper understanding of Tamil culture in a professional setting.


Leadership and Volunteering

Involvement in leadership roles, community engagement, volunteerism, and social work initiatives.

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Tamill language

Interns will have the opportunity to engage in either coding or Tamil language learning, based on their preference, as a part of their internship experience.

Program Duration & Structure

The internship runs from May to August, with flexible participation duration according to the intern’s preference, and be able to work for a minimum of 4 weeks.

After boarding, the selected intern will be able to work in any of the following events or initiatives run by Yarl IT Hub.

Please note that this is an unpaid, volunteer-based internship. 

A certificate of participation will be provided upon completion of the internship.


Interns should be self-driven, open-minded, adaptable, independent, and collaborative.

Logistics requirements

Interns are responsible for their travel expenses, including flights and local travel.Participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.

Accommodation must be arranged independently. The work station will be in Jaffna.

Yarl IT Hub will provide a workspace and lunch during work hours (9 am – 5 pm), with occasional weekend volunteering.

This Summer Internship Program at Yarl IT Hub offers a unique blend of professional development, community service, and cultural immersion. It is an excellent opportunity for diaspora youths to connect with their heritage, develop new skills, and contribute meaningfully to community-based initiatives. We look forward to welcoming enthusiastic and driven individuals to our vibrant community and working together towards a brighter, more innovative future. Fill the following form for apply. 

Still have any questions?

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