Launch pad - 2024


We are excited to introduce the Product Launchpad at YGCIF 24, an exclusive opportunity for companies and startups to unveil their innovative products to a broad audience. This event will provide a platform for businesses to launch either digital or physical products. It is mandatory for a company representative to be physically present at YGCIF to deliver the presentation. This is a unique chance to showcase your product, gain valuable visibility, and connect with potential customers, investors, and tech enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to highlight your innovation at one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Product Completion : The product must be 100% completed and ready for market use..

Market Launch Timeline : If the product is already in the market, it must have been launched within 8 months before the event date (1st Aug 2024).

If the product is newly launched, it should be available for use immediately after the event.

Product Type : The product can be either digital or physical, but it must be usable.
Presentation Guidelines : A representative from the company must physically attend YGCIF to present the product. Each product will have a 15-minute presentation slot. Each company is allowed to launch only one product during the event.